Based out of Parma, Italy, 8-string guitar/syncopated heavy quintet Dedalus Project started in 2013.

The lineup consists of Jacopo Busetto (vocals), Dario Zatti (guitar), Davide Paini (guitar), Fabien Squarza (drums), and Roberto Muscettola (bass).

Mixing different tastes on a good progressive, math and metalcore blend, Dedalus Project released their first album “Entropia” in 2014 featuring the singles ‘Anathema’ and ‘Noumeno’.

2015 marks the spot for the band’s second release, a 6 tracks EP Vessels which features a different, modern and heavier tone. With the melodic yet aggressive new sound the band made a name out for themselves and got the chance to share the stage with international acts as Neberu, Kadinja, Damned Spring Fragrantia, Shields, and Hacktivist.

Constantly manipulating and playing with their own style, the Italian quartet started 2017 in a new aggressive mode with the release of the single titled Phaneron, and continued evolving with Artificial Horizon in 2019, followed by a series of concerts with bands like Black Tongue and Kadinja.

2020 marks a new era for the band. The themes are darker, the sound is heavier. “Crooked Glass”, “Averno” and “Desaturate” have been received strongly, reaching all new peaks of aggression and setting the tone for what’s to come next.